Hydraulic Winches

Hydraulic Winches
Ever-power Hydraulic Winches deliver fast, powerful winching pull after pull. With functioning capacities of 8,000 lbs. (3,640 kgs) to 130,000 lbs. (58,967 kgs) created for the needs of the towing and recovery, utility, oil & gas, and mining & building applications, Ramsey gets the commercial hydraulic winch you will need. Fast collection speeds limit time in the danger zone and also increase efficiency and productivity face to face. Cables could be under-wound to minimize strain on the winch, or overwound reducing risk of damage to the strain. Many models can be either foot or side mounted for adaptability and ease of maintenance.

Ever-power Hydraulic Winches are tested and qualified to operate in temperatures from -40° F to 120° F. Our winches provide easy, fast free spooling with only 50 lbs. resistance at -35ºF and will be managed by air flow or manually, providing fast range payout and reducing wear on parts.Ever-power Hydraulic Winches are produced to meet up SAE J706 standards for US models and also to meet EN14492-1 standards for EU versions.

Additional benefits include:

One lubricant for all-temperature procedure to -35ºF
Compact style reduces cable capture between drum flange and end support housing
Lighter weight than comparable models while still providing legendary Ever-power sturdiness and rugged construction
Level winders and cable tensioners are for sale to many models. Call factory to determine option of accessories for any specific winch.
2-speed motor available on some models


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