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EPG has set up a full set of good quality administration technique which is provided with superior inspection and take a look at tools. We will offer very best providers and substantial high quality goods with all sincerity. EPG is a skilled manufacturer and exporter that is involved with the design, growth and production. EPT113 electric powered roller can be used for conveying equipment with EPTT demands on the room, low sounds and substantial EPTT of the EPTT system. TL113 electrical roller adopts substantial-precision processing methods. By means of fantastic grinding of higher alloy EPTs and EPTT large-precision assembly methods, electric roller has arrived at the planet-class amount of these kinds of items in phrases of reduced working sound and powe

This merchandise is widely employed in the subsequent EPTT:

#9733EPT EPTing EPTTs (airports and stations)

#9733Packing industry #9733EPTT EPTTry

#9733EPTT belt scale #9733Pharmaceutical sector

#9733Airport baggage managing program

#9733Meat and poultry processing sector

#9733Postal sorting #9733Belt conveyer

Electric powered roller fashion
It stXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis.rd barrel is produced of lower carbon steel and the area of the finished solution is coated with antirust oil.Meals quality barrel is 304 stainless steel.Anti-skid threads are EPTTd on the surface of the stXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis.rd barrel entire body.

Gear EPT

middotEPT alloy steel good grinding EPT makes certain extremely-lower noise during rotation.
middotDie forged EPT EPTT


middotThe stXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis.rd barrel is made of minimal carbon steel and the floor of the finished item is coated with antirust oil.
middot Anti-skid threads are EPTTd on the floor of the stXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis.rd barrel entire body
middotFood grade barrel is 304 stainless metal.
middotEPT Oil Immersed Heat Dissipation
middotWhen the cable goes out, the stXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis.rd length of the cable is one.2m.

EPT Grade of electrical roller

middotThe shaft end adopts double sealing design.
middotThe seal security grade of electric powered roller is IP66/67


middotBefore leaving the factory, electrical roller has crammed the oil in accordance to the stXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis.rd.
middotChange the oil every 50000 several hours of operation.

Safe operation
Various from the conventional copy and blend of one program of motor EPTT EPTT, quotTONLO quot electric roller will motor, EPTT and other areas assembled in a sealed container physique, Only the supporting shafts at each ends are set on the conveying products to make the procedure of conveying products safer.

Preserve a room
Various from the conventional motor EPT program (EPTTly composed of motor, EPTT, EPT drum, bearing seat, EPT and assistance),
The electrical roller assembles all the external factors in the very same cylinEPTTbody and travels a simple driving unit, therefore reducing transportation
And place occupied by gear.

Reduce energy consumption
When compared with quotTONLO quot electric powered roller, the standard exterior EPT method immediately transfers EPTT from the motor to the rolling surface, significantly shortening the conduction procedure, improving the motor’s operating performance up to ninety seven% and conserving energy usage up to thirty%.

Ensure lower operating sound
quotTONLO quot electrical roller is assembled with substantial-good quality alloy steel grinding EPT, European stXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis.rd motor and stringent tolerance.
Ensure the high high quality of electric roller and quite low sound when working. The sound price is significantly lower than that of electrical roller
StXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis.rd requirements.

EPT servicing
The electric roller is made to be completely sealed so that all the core factors will not be destroyed by the exterior surroundings during procedure.
EPT EPT electric powered roller every 5000 hours to modify oil, polymer EPT electric powered roller life span upkeep.
Purpose and management
The driving block that will direct the EPT delivers a number of successful options for you, variable velocity Options, constant speed (not continual load at the same time), acceleration and deceleration time regulation.
Product Informantion
This variety of electric powered roller can be mounted room and meet the torque need. It is reputable, totally free of maintenance and oil-renewing, room-preserving. It can be use in many fields.

middotA backstop can be in addition organized without affecting the shortest duration of the cylinEPTTbody.
middotAn electromagnetic brake can be moreover mounted, but the shortest length of the cylinEPTTbody will be correspondingly lengthened.
middotHorizontal set up
middotIdle velocity and cylinEPTTlength can be produced in accordance to customer’s demands.
middotEPTT, we can make various non-stXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis.rd electrical roller.

Tolon electric powered roller -1*220V/50HZ- Parameter EPTTble

pole variety EPT sequence EPT ratio Nominal ready pace
Rated existing
Bare minimum cylinEPTTlength
Minimal cylinEPTTlength weight
.twelve/.sixteen 4 3 sixty.66 .15 49.04 868 .eighty four 290 11
forty nine.36 .18 39.eighty three 705
41.07 .21 35.41 627
37.7 .23 31.87 564
31.fifty nine .27 twenty five.forty nine 451
25.70 .34 21.21 376
214.38 .40 17.68 313
19.63 .forty four 15.93 282
two 15.seventy one .fifty five 12.88 230
13.07 .sixty five ten.eighty five 192
12.00 .71 ten.34 183
6 three sixty.sixty six .08 79.67 1410 1 325 13
forty nine.36 .ten 63.73 1128
.fifteen/.20 four three sixty.sixty six .fourteen sixty one.thirty 1085 one.24 300 eleven
forty nine.36 .seventeen 49.78 881
41.07 .21 44.24 783
37.70 .22 39.eighty three 705
31.fifty nine .26 31.87 564
25.70 .33 26.fifty six 470
21.33 .39 22.fifteen 392
19.63 .forty three 19.ninety four 353
two fifteen.seventy one .54 sixteen.27 288
13.07 .sixty four 13.56 240
12.00 .70 twelve.ninety four 229
.eighteen four 3 sixty.sixty six .14 seventy three.56 1302 1.40 300 twelve
49.36 .seventeen 59.78 1058
41.07 .21 fifty three.11 940
37.fifty nine .22 47.eighty 846
31.59 .26 38.25 ())
25.70 .33 31.87 564
21.38 .39 26.56 470
19.sixty three .forty three 23.90 432
two 15.71 .54 19.forty nine 345
13.07 .64 sixteen.27 288
12.00 .70 fifteen.forty eight 274
.23/.31 four 3 forty nine.36 .17 seventy six.33 1351 one.67 325 13
41.07 .twenty sixty seven.86 1201
37.70 .22 sixty one.08 1081
31.fifty nine .26 forty eight.87 865
twenty five.70 .32 forty.seventy four 721
21.38 .38 33.ninety six 601
19.sixty three .42 30.57 541
2 15.seventy one .53 24.ninety seven 442
13.07 .63 twenty.79 368
12.00 .68 19.78 350

Notice: Based on the minimum weigEPTT of cylinEPTTlength, the weigEPTT of electric roller will increase by 2kg for ever

EPT electric powered roller 113-3*220V/380V/50HZ- Parameter EPTTble

pole variety EPT series EPT ratio Nominal waiting around speed
Rated current
Minimum cylinEPTTlength
Bare minimum cylinEPTTlength bodyweight
.12/.sixteen four three 60.sixty six .fourteen forty nine.40 868 .42 270 11
49.36 .17 39.eighty three 705
41.07 .twenty 31.87 627
37.70 .22 31.87 564
31.fifty nine .27 twenty five.49 451
25.70 .33 21.21 376
21.38 .39 seventeen.sixty eight 313
19.63 .43 fifteen.93 282
two fifteen.71 .fifty five 12.88 230
13.07 .sixty five 10.eighty five 192
twelve.00 .71 ten.34 183
six 3 sixty.sixty six .08 79.sixty seven 1410 .67 290 13
forty nine.36 .ten sixty three.seventy three 1128
.15/.twenty four 3 60.sixty six .14 61.thirty 1085 .forty seven 290 11
49.36 .seventeen 49.78 881
forty one.07 .21 forty four.24 783
37.70 .22 39.eighty three 705
31.59 .26 31.87 564
25.70 .33 26.56 470
21.38 .39 22.15 392
19.63 .forty three 19.94 353
2 15.71 .54 sixteen.27 288
thirteen.07 .64 thirteen.fifty six 240
twelve.00 .70 twelve.94 229
six three forty nine.36 .11 seventy nine.67 1410 .eighty two three hundred 13
.eighteen/.24 four 3 60.66 .fourteen 73.fifty six 1302 .seven 290 11
forty nine.36 .17 fifty nine.seventy eight 1058
forty one.07 .21 fifty three.eleven 940
37.70 .22 47.eighty 846
31.fifty nine .26 38.25 ())
twenty five.70 .33 31.87 564
21.38 .39 26.56 470
19.63 .43 23.ninety 423
two fifteen.71 .54 19.forty nine 345
thirteen.07 .64 16.27 288
12.00 .70 15.48 274
.25/.34 4 3 forty nine.36 .seventeen 82.ninety nine 1351 .84 three hundred 13
41.07 .twenty seventy three.seventy three 1201
37.70 .22 66.39 1081
31.59 .26 53.11 865
25.70 .32 44.29 721
21.38 .38 36.86 601
19.sixty three .forty two 33.22 541
2 15.71 .53 27.twelve 442
thirteen.07 .sixty three 22.60 368
12.00 .68 21.forty seven 350
.37/.fifty four 3 31.fifty nine .26 seventy eight.sixty 1351 one.thirteen 325 fourteen
25.70 .32 65.60 1201
21.38 .38 fifty four.59 966
19.63 .forty two 49.thirteen 870
2 fifteen.71 .fifty three forty.fourteen 710
thirteen.07 .sixty three 33.45 592
twelve.00 .68 31.86 564

Note: Based on the least weigEPTT of cylinEPTTlength, the weigEPTT of electrical roller raises by 2kg for each and every 100mm boost in cylinEPTTlength.

EPT113 Option EPTTble-electric roller/Driven roller

Component description motorized pulleys Driven roller
EPTT metal crown cylinder one 1
EPTT steel straigEPTT cylinder 2 2
Stainless metal crown cylinder 2 two
Stainless steel straigEPTT barrel 2 2
Entrance and rear end caps
Solid EPT end cap two two
Stainless metal finish cap 2 two
Entrance and rear axle
Nickel plated shaft 1 one
EPTT metal shaft two two
Stainless metal shaft two 2
Plastic baggage
Black flat vulcanizate two two
White flat vulcanizate 2 two
EPTurethane flat vulcanizate 2 2
Single or 3-period asynchronous motor one
Voltage one*220V/50Hz or three*220V/50Hz 1
EPT Voltage at 50Hz or 60Hz 1
Installing thermal protector one
Oil for lower temperature atmosphere 2
Edible grease two
Wire connector
Direct outgoing line one
Curved outlet 2
Stainless metal elbow outlet 3
Aluminized stop cap box 2
Stainless metal conclude cap box three
Pvc cable 1
Low smoke halogen-totally free cable two
Shielded EPTT (Inverter) three

Notice: one- StXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis.rd Assembly Option two- Non-StXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis.rd Widespread Selection three- Restrictive alternative, which shall be confirmed with the manufacturer

Outline Dimension Drawing of EPT electric powered roller

  in Ilorin Nigeria  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier AC 110V-380V 200-1600W Acmotor Conveyor Roller for Food, Drum Conveyor Roller manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler

  in Ilorin Nigeria  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier AC 110V-380V 200-1600W Acmotor Conveyor Roller for Food, Drum Conveyor Roller manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler